brigitte sarfati

We started working with Oded exactly 1 year ago.
The starting point was – repairing a site in the style of an application that did not work properly.

Today, Oded has made 2 sites – The first is my website; The second – an educational platform that is only evolving.

As an entrepreneur, I am always looking for people to whom I can convey my dreams, and they will be able to make them a reality.
And that’s exactly what Oded does – takes any idea and turns it into reality.

His patience, professionalism, and endless desire to makes us want him as a full partner in our business.

If you have a website or any project to manage in WordPress – I recommend contacting Oded.

brigitte sarfati
Brigitte Sarfati

Brigitte Sarfati

Building a website including: Blog, Podcast area, Money-saving platform and Courses area for Brigitte Sarfati. Brigitte works with people, teaching them how to save money by changing their mindset!


Brigitte Sarfati